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Rondo Standaard (vilt)

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The beautiful Rondo Cat Stand in felt is a true masterpiece that exudes style and exudes the highest quality of workmanship.

This beautiful designer cat stand is made from the highest quality materials, which is a nice change from the more garish models available on the market today. Your cat will live in the lap of luxury as he or she sits back and relaxes on the Rondo Cat Stand…

The elevated placement of the Rondo Cat Stand makes your cat feel safe and comfortable at all times, providing the perfect environment for curious cats to keep an eye on their surroundings in a delightfully streamlined environment.

If your kitten is a little sensitive, he or she can sleep soundly and feel protected and safe at all times in the Rondo position.

If your little kitten could choose his favorite cat furniture, he would probably choose the Rondo cat stand, that’s for sure!

Felines can fulfill whatever wishes they have to play, sharpen their claws, climb and sleep peacefully!

Important information…

The Rondo Stands are hand made to order and will be available 3-5 business days after order. Delivery is free and will take 2-3 business days after it ships to you!




Dimensions: depth 48 cm, width 46 cm, height 33 cm, height Rondo 78 cm
Saucer base: stainless steel, diameter of the saucer base approx. 50 cm, weight 20 kg
Cave material: stainless steel, felt
Cushion cover: fleece machine washable at 30°C
Cushion: high quality upholstery foam material





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Extra informatie

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